Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Meeting Mary Harding

I got to meet Mary Harding, who has made some clay pieces for me. She is an artist that makes lovely pieces with wonderful colours, and themes of natural plants in this part of the continent.

When I found out she was teaching a class in a nearby border town (Canada/US), I signed right up. It was for metal folding, and I really wanted to try that. Now I could try it, and meet Mary.

My friend, Jennifer, and I went to Clayton and had lunch on a patio, and then spent a wonderfully creative afternoon under Mary's instruction (with no interruptions from kids). Great day. Wonderful to meet Mary.

I worked late the night before to finish a necklace with  a specific focal of Mary's, so I could wear it that day. I will add some more about that with a picture too. Look for that later.


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